CoViD-19 related guff


I wondered if there's any connection between the vaccination rate, politics, urbanization, religiosity (and specifically catholics, evangelical protestants, black protestants, mainstream protestants, the areligious), adult obesity, diabetes rates, infant mortality, life expectancy, median age, income inequality, GDP, drug overdoses, gun ownership, gun deaths, and high school or university educational attainment of a state and that state's CoViD-19 death rate (that's the kaputniks per kapita, not per unit time).


Driven insane by innumeracy, or an inability to program numerical models, amongst so-called "experts", I decided to fling together some predictions of my own for when various milestones would be reached.

Visualising Drug Combination Efficacy

Common visualisation techniques didn't seem to be very good at showing which of the two different components was having the most effect, or whether it was synergistic. So I took a stab at a new graphical visualisation technique.

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