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2020-05-15new How many neighbours does a cell in a grid have?maths, geometry
2020-02-22newCard games Consetration and Tactical Set.card games, set
2020-02-20 — 2020-05-08new/live CoViD-19-related predictionscoronavirus, covid, modelling
2019-08-10update Shorter dc-within-sh quines!dc, obfuscation, quines
2018-10-11new Getting NGINX, Plack, and Dancer working behind NATlinux, nginx, dancer, NAT
2018-08-17new The "peldik" pub prowl, a crawl through the seediest, and most fun, bars in Tallinn (and elsewhere)beer, bars
2018-06-12new Half in the Bag, a new-ish magical trick which I consider to be better than one which fooled Penn & Teller!magic, cards
2017-08-02new The new driverless bus trial in TallinnTallinn, public transport, AI
2016-07-22New Penn & Teller's "Find Love" card trickmagic, cards
2015-09-03NewHow to make a bomb in your own home bomb, bottle, carnage, destruction, shrapnel, beer
2015-04-06NewWarrant canaries are a fundamental right rights
2014-10-27NewAn intuitive explanation of Gyroscopic Precession physics
2014-10-23NewPhotography's most bent rules photography
2014-06-01UpdatedQuick HOTWO for using git in a project that uses Mercurial (Hg) git, mercurial, Hg, hg-git
2014-02-20New Themeable IdleRPG! As selected by SoylentNews with its nerd theme. soylentnews, irc, idlerpg, git
2013-12-11New Prof. Richard Wiseman's "The Grid" card trickmagic, cards
2013-11-08New The Goatsebuntu(tm) logo, a protest against Ubuntu(tm)linux, ubuntu, trademark
2013-10-28New Zzztop, a PowerTOP replacement in perllinux, maemo, n900
2013-09-08New Rediscovered Nokia N900 love!linux, maemo, n900
2013-07-16Update New shortest 'woodchuck' script in obfuscated dcdc, obfuscation, golf
2013-07-15New Remove whitespace-only changes from a patchgit, diff, perl
2013-07-15New Calculate flash contribution ratiosphotography, flash
2013-06-30New Installing Crossover Office on amd64 Debianlinux, wine
2013-06-25New The Whispering Jokers card trickmagic, cards
2013-04-16New Fun maths puzzle - maximise a value in a gridpuzzle, CGI, mathfun
2013-04-15New Establishing a VNC connection through 2 firewallslinux, VNC, SSH, firewalls

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