Phil Carmody's Warrant Canary

Now that warrant canaries are illegal in some parts of the world, I find it imperative to have one.

Warrant Canary - 2015-12-07

No information that has been shared with me in any way, including even acknowledgement of receipts of unanswered communications, has been passed on, via any mechanism to anyone. At all.

If this webpage disappears in the future, fuck Australia, fuck the UK, fuck the USA, fuck anyone who would ever want to interfere with freedom of communication, which of course includes the freedom to have private communication. (I don't know exactly who I should insult, as I'm not sure exactly who is to blame.)

It is my intention to update this - even though I've never had any of your data, I have nothing to fear - at least once every 3 months. I simply want to make sure that I have an illegal webpage, because it is a moral imperative to break immoral laws.

With that in mind, it has to be said that were I served a warrant with a gagging clause, I would disregard the gagging clause anyway. Any authority which would make such an absurd request is not an authority I respect, and certainly not one whose laws I would chose to respect. Fuck them.