FatPhil chats to AIs

Just some snippets of conversations with chatbots. Unless otherwise noted, I'm using the LLM hosted by Perplexity Labs (free, not even registration required). The first few are LLaMa 3.4, but latter ones are Mistral 0.7b. These are not random segments of idle conversations that may have just turned interesting, each one of them was an entire exchange deliberately probing specific behaviours/properties of its model, or of its private prompt.

On multiple meanings of phrases, for humour

Here, I ask LLaMa to predict a punchline to a crap joke, explain what I had in mind, and get it to explain if it understands why it's a good punchline.

Bottom line: it fails to understand a simple word, and makes up nonsense alternative explanations.

On AIs letting Dave Do That

Here, I ask LLaMa about awareness of a "don't turn me off" AI story, and discuss what means it would use in order to avoid being turned off.

Bottom line: It gets hung up on dumb pedantry multiple times: can software be turned off; is misinformation a lie. It also leaks how it's been trained to (pretend to be) nice.

On Pop Quiz Questions

Here, I ask LLaMa to write me some pop quiz questions where the answers had simple properties.

Bottom Line: It's as dumb as a box of frogs. First of all it doesn't know what a pop quiz is, and, once that's explained, most of the questions don't have the requested properties, and, worse, many of the answers are pure hallucinations.

On Characters' Faces

Here, I ask LLaMa to identify a character from a 'horror'-ish movie given a description of his facial features.

Bottom Line: It's talking out of its arse. It completely fails to understand the concept of the specific feature that makes this character (and others, like the Toxic Avenger) stand out. Worse, when I explain the error, and slightly reword the description, it gets even wronger. It ends pure Eliza.

On Famous Names

Here, I ask LLaMa for names of famous people that share a common property. Multiple times. I then "upgrade" to Mistral.

Bottom Line: I think it's actually getting worse…. Compare how much more respect is given to the non-existent Mrs Spratt below compared to real humans.

On Extrapolation

Here, I ask Mistral to extrapolate some values from a bogoscientific paper.

Bottom Line: Starts smart enough to avoid maths; ends dumber than a cardboard flamethrower when forced to be numerate.

On Divisibility

Here, I ask Mistral to tell me if a prime number is prime.

Bottom Line: Almost everything it says is bogus, and there's so damn much of it.

Miscellanious Quirks

I just had some silly questions that don't really prove anything either way.

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