FatPhil's Perl

NoWS: Remove whitespace-only changes from a patch

Note - this generates patches that may not apply without ver cooperative fuzzing, as it gets the line numbers wrong. However, if you get patches (or simply code drops) that consist of both whitespace and functional changes, then this script will remove all of the changes that are whitespace only, letting you see the real meat.

Old Stuff

Nothing else here apart from an update to the Demoroniser. Originally written by John Walker of AutoCAD fame, it is a tool for turning the garbage produced by Microsoft (spit, spit) products into HTML that almost conforms to the standards. Without it, your 'save as HTML' files are so far from conforming HTML that you'll look a right plonker if you ever make them publicly viewable and someone who doesn't use WinDoze or I.E. comes along to view it.

Anyway, enough ranting - here's version 2, which copes with most MS abominations older than about year 2000 (Anything newer is unrescuable).

FatPhil's Obfuscated Perl

$,=' ';@r=map{($_+$n*($_&1?$_:$_+$n-1))/2}1..($n=pop);
- give it a single odd number as a parameter