The Nokia N900 Rocks

Phil's Hacks

WlanClear, a connection manager

Pissed off with the stupid accumulation of every AP that you've ever tried (and in particular failed) to connect to? Really pissed off at the utterly braindead Omega(N) behaviour in the Connections manager in Settings which means that if you have more than a few dozen connections, it can take sometimes even a minute to delete a single connection? Then you need N900 WlanClear. Say 'y' to the ones you want to kill, and either 'y' or 's' at the final confirmation. 's' will save a script that you can review and edit if need be.

Zzztop, a "PowerTOP" replacement in Perl

Doesn't do everything yet, but does what I found most useful. Written portably enough you should be able to run it on your desktop and laptop machines too, any architecture. (tested x86, x86_64, POWER, arm.) Just save the source as, or whatever you'd like to call it (or use wget -O), plonk it somewhere in your PATH, and chmod it 755.

I also heartily recommend: