World Record - 30052 Digits

On 14th November 2002, I announced the world's new largest 3-Carmichael. The previous record was 28400 digits, found also by me earlier this year. This new record took less than a quarter of the previous record's CPU time.

p1 = 11528154013114759527...62125700268634920611 (10005 digits)
p2 = 79544262690491840737...86673318535809522091 (10006 digits)
p3 = 10309064764124217487...75722939056290633011 (10043 digits)
3C = 94533970401090605417...20121377039524326611 (30052 digits)

This record was simply a test of a new algorithm that I've invented, and I realised that I had made a stupid miscalculation, which prevented that particular run from finding an even bigger (much bigger) result. I've already started a new test that does not have that miscalculation and am making good progress. Keep reading here for updates. I will rebreak my record, and I don't intend to take very long about it.

Future Plans

Do you have a PC sitting around doing nothing - do you want to help me find an even larger Carmichael? If you're interested, drop me an e-mail.

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